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Jan 21, 2012
InFOREMAX Launches Cloud Based Online Portal
InFOREMAX lanuches a new edition of online RMA Portal.

The new web portal integrates RMA, Ticket System and Knowledge base into one place. It also includes necessary components such as calendar, repair quotation and repair reports for tracking the status and the costs of repairs.

"Our hosted solution has zero setup costs and is integratable with any company's website," says Patrick Lam, President of InFOREMAX, Inc. "Our customers can start offering their online help desk service in a couple of days."

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Mar 20, 2010
QBSync Integrates InFOREMAX with QuickBooks
InFOREMAX offers an integration utility software for QuickBooks - QBSync. QBSync enables one-way synchronization of data between InFOREMAX and your desktop instance of QuickBooks. It also includes a "Scheduler" that allows user to run QBSync on a specified time and period.

By using InFOREMAX integration solutions for QuickBooks, an QuickBooks organization can save time and money and grow its business without adding admin staff to handle the data entry.

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Nov 05, 2009
InFOREMAX Offers Hosted Solutions
InFOREMAX, a RMA software provider, offers hosted RMA solutions serving as a SaaS-based web application. InFOREMAX web portal hosting plan includes world-class data centers with daily backups, 500 MB disk space and 5 GB montly data transfer. It also includes necessary components such as ASP email and MS Access database support for InFOREMAX web portal.

By using InFOREMAX hosted solutions, an organization can reduce setup time and integration cost when deploying a web-based help desk application.

"Our hosted solution can make the web portal deployment faster and easier. Since we offer setup package that includes web portal customization, our valued customers do not need any special skills to integrate a customized web portal into their business website," says Patrick Lam, President of InFOREMAX, Inc. "With web portal setup package our customers can start using their customized web portal in a couple of days."

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Oct 29, 2009
InFOREMAX Releases Web Portal 1.0
InFOREMAX has released Web Portal 1.0. The new web portal which can be integrated into a corporate website gives organization new capabilities, providing a 24/7 accessible helpdesk platform. The new helpdesk support means that your customer is able to file return merchandise requests online. It also enables the users to track the status of return requests and update their profile.

By using InFOREMAX Web Portal, an organization can reduce turnaround time dealing with customer returns and most importantly increase customer satisfaction and retention.

"Our goal is to make a repair departments' work easier and more efficient. With InFOREMAX Web Portal your valued customer with Internet connection can access to your helpdesk services anytime," says Patrick Lam, President of InFOREMAX, Inc. "Since InFOREMAX web portal is customizable, our web portal can be integrated into any corporate website."

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July 15, 2009
InFOREMAX Offers Subscription Package
Sometimes high upfront costs remain a barrier to wider adoption in market for customer relationship management (CRM) software. Responding to its customers' wishes, InFOREMAX has offered a subscription package: Software as a Service model, which makes small businesses to adopt RMA software at the lowest monthly fee.

With faster deployment, lower upfront costs and high acceptance by employee and users, customer demand for Software as a Service(SaaS) applications shows no signs of slowing down," concluded Forrester analysts William Band and Peter Marston, but added: "Successful implementation and integration requires that you follow sound practice."

Using the combination of subscription and integration programs, an organization can deploy a technical infrastructure for its repair center of any size.

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June 16, 2009
InFOREMAX has released a new version of RMA Software
InFOREMAX keeps up the pace with the updates of Microsoft products. New version of InFOREMAX RMA Software 7.0 has been released with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 support.

The new version supports .NET Framework and is even faster, more reliable and more secure. Due to improved load-on-demand algorithms (or virtual data operations), InFOREMAX 7.0 seamlessly allows the UI to remain responsive as data loads into the non-visible client area of the control. By all means, the new version of InFOREMAX works faster and with no delays in handling large amounts of data.

You can download the 15-day free trial version at InFOREMAX’s website: